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Did you miss me? After a long hiatus (full-time work has its downsides, it appears), I am back with a new knitlock giveaway. 

Recently I noticed that I seem to have developed a bit of a knitlock problem, having designed and knitted no less than 5 jumpers (and a cardi) in the last two years or so. Endless hiatus + profound fixation on the 221B wallpaper = knitlock madness. So I decided to give one away!

The winner of this giveaway will receive 221 B Skulls (click x), the jumper I designed and knitted in the first year of my knitlock addiction. Hand-knitted in luxurious Merino/Silk mix. Size Women’s M (around UK 12) - check my ravelry page for more detailed description (click x)

The second winner will receive Deduction Game Chullo ( click x) - based on the unforgettable specimen from The Empty Hearse. Hand-knitted in 100% NZ wool.

You don’t have to be following me to enter. But it would be nice if you did. In fact, let me give you an extra incentive. If you follow me and win, I’ll throw in a Sherlockian Phone Cosy (click x) to complete your prize.


  • likes and reblogs both count 
  • reblog as many times as you want, just no spamming please!
  • I will ship anywhere in the world
  • no giveaway blogs please! (I will check)
  • ask boxes must be open so I can contact you
  • you must be comfortable with giving me your address
  • I will pick the winners via a random number generator
  • I will message the winners - if I don’t get a reply within 3 days, I’ll choose another winner

You have up until midnight (GMT) 19 July,  to enter. 

The game is… something.


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